Putting the CHEM into GeoCHEMistry!

Today was an epic day folks.

I walked into the lab and found these guys just hanging out, waiting to be opened, like giant, ugly treasure chests.

What could possibly inside??

Are those…..are those….CHEMICALS?!?!?!?!?! A professional lab finally has CHEMICALS??? I could possibly do chemistry?!?!

Holy moly, the science is ready to begin. I can taste it. Well, not really, I don’t want to taste acetic acid or aluminum oxide, but it’s close. I stayed late to put them all away I was so excited.

I decided to celebrate this glorious occasion with a sunset and a viewing of surfers fighting over the much anticipated evening swell. And I even made some real food too. Tonight’s menu: creamy polenta with parmesan cheese, sauteed mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, topped with a fried egg and a few sprigs of arugula. A good day indeed.

Oh, and I forgot the sea lions in the animal post. I have to throw in a picture of them too. Because they are really feisty and will bark all night in the harbor if I don’t give them some web-love. Seriously, these animals are ruthless.



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